RetroAchievements In RetroArch

RetroAchievements In RetroArch

What are RetroAchievements? is a service that provides a trophies unlocking mechanism similar to modern consoles, for Retro games.


The service is not maintained by RetroArch or the Libretro team.


If you want to contribute, please update RetroArch and cores to get the latest fixes on the RetroAchievements feature;
then in order to propose improvements to this document, do it via GitHub using "Pull Requests"

How to setup achievements
    1. Register an account on (don't forget to confirm your account creation with the email they send to you).
    2. Open Retroarch and go to Settings->Achievements
    3. Enable the functionality and fill your retroachievements credentials


The hardcore mode prevents you from using emulation features like savestates, slow motion and cheats.
BUT gives you double points.

Check your connection to the service

You need an active Internet connection.

In this example, we are using the game Chrono Trigger (USA) with the Snes9x core.

Launch the game and trigger the Quick Menu.

Go to Achievements and you should see a list of the unlockable trophies for this game.

Check your progress

On the retroachievements website, you can login and access your account page.

You should be able to check your progress in the games and see which trophies you unlocked.

Trophies unlocked in hardcore mode are marked with a special color.

You can also check the progress of your friends and add comments on their trophies.

Cores Compatibility

Core     Supported     Notes
FB Neo     ✔              Supports NeoGeo, CPS1, CPS2, CPS3

Core           Supported     Notes
Mesen              ✔    
FCEUmm        ✔    
QuickNES       ✔    
Nestopia UE    ✕             Achievements are not fully supported yet
bnes                 ✕    
Emux NES      ✕    

Core                                                Supported     Notes
Snes9x                                                  ✔    
Snes9x 2010                                         ✔    
Snes9x 2005                                         ✔    
Snes9x 2005 Plus                                 ✔    
Snes9x 2002                                         ✔    
bsnes Accuracy                                    ✔    
bsnes Balanced                                    ✔    
bsnes Performance                              ✔    
bsnes-mercury Accuracy                    ✔    
bsnes-mercury Balanced                    ✔    
bsnes-mercury Performance               ✔    
bsnes C++98 (v085)                           ✔    
higan Accuracy                                  ✕              Achievement support isn't going to be added
nSide Balanced                                  ✕              Achievement support isn't going to be added
Beetle bsnes                                       ✕    

Game Boy / Game Boy Color
Core                  Supported     Notes
Gearboy                ✔    
SameBoy              ✔    
Gambatte              ✔    
VBA-M                ✔    
mGBA                 ✕               Achievements only work for the Game Boy Advance
Emux GB            ✕    
TGB Dual           ✕    

Game Boy Advance
Core               Supported     Notes
mGBA               ✔    
VBA Next         ✔    
VBA-M             ✔    
Beetle GBA      ✔    
gpSP                 ✕    
Meteor              ✕    

Nintendo 64
Core                 Supported
Mupen64Plus       ✔
ParaLLEl N64      ✔

Virtual Boy
Core           Supported
Beetle VB     ✔

Master System / MegaDrive - Genesis
Core                        Supported
Gearsystem                 ✔
Genesis Plus GX        ✔
Picodrive                    ✔
Emux SMS                ✕

Game Gear
Core                       Supported
Genesis Plus GX        ✔
Gearsystem                ✔

PC Engine
Core                           Supported
Beetle PCE Fast              ✔
Beetle SGX                     ✔

Neo Geo Pocket / Neo Geo Pocket Color
Core                    Supported
Beetle NeoPop          ✔

Atari 2600
Core     Supported
Stella         ✔

Atari 7800
Core          Supported
ProSystem     ✔

Atari Lynx
Core              Supported     Notes
Handy               ✔    
Beetle Handy    ✔            Beetle Handy is incompatible with modern No-Intro romsets as they require headers to work properly. The regular Handy core does not have this issue.

Core          Supported
blueMSX     ✔

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