Netplay Getting Started / FAQ

Netplay Getting Started / FAQ


What is netplay?

    It's a mechanism that allows multiplayer over a network. It's not link cable emulation though. It's same system multiplayer.

Does RetroArch require port-forwarding to work?

    Yes, the host needs to forward the ports properly. There is a fallback mechanism that can be employed by those who can't forward the ports, please read the Setup Guide below.

Does it support more than two players?


What do you need for RetroArch netplay to work?

    Same RetroArch version, same core version, and the same exact content.

RetroArch says Content not found, try loading content manually

    Either load content manually, have the content in your recent history list, or scan your content to a playlist.

Does RetroArch support cross-platform netplay?

    Yes, but your mileage may vary, particularly when endianness differs.

Which cores work for netplay?

    On a technical level, every core that supports save states should work but the performance requirements may be too high for it to work in any practical level.

Does PSX / N64 / Dreamcast / GameCube / Wii / 3DS netplay work?

    No, the performance requirements make the current model unsuitable for those.

Can I play GB / GBC / GBA / PSP / 3DS games with multiple people via RetroArch Netplay?

    No, RetroArch's netplay is not link-cable emulation, GB, GBA, PSP netplay are currently not possible with our implementation. One notable exception is same game GB/GBC Netplay via the TGB-Dual and Sameboy cores.

Can I trade Pokémon via RetroArch Netplay?


Setup Guide

Configuring Nickname
  •     Navigate to Settings
  •     Navigate to User
  •     Select Username
  •     Configure your preferred nickname

Configure Netplay Server
If you are gonna host a game you don't need to scan content or to build databases. The only thing you need to do is to configure your network parameters and "Start Hosting" from the netplay menu. After doing that just load the content you want to netplay and wait for players.



If your router doesn't support UPnP or you can't forward your ports or you are uncertain, enable the Use Relay Server option. This routes both sides of the connection through our man-in-the-middle server.


If you want to run a private game you can setup a Server Password to prevent random people from connecting. Alternatively you can disable the Publicly Announce Netplay option. The clients will need to enter your IP address or hostname directly.


RetroArch doesn't check if you managed to open your ports manually, the lobby server doesn't either so make sure you do that properly or enable the Relay Server or people won't be able to connect to your session. You can use this tool, enter your Netplay TCP Port once you are hosting and it will tell you if the port is open or not.

Configure Netplay Clients

You don't need to configure anything to connect to netplay rooms. Browse to the netplay menu, Select Refresh and then select the room you want to connect to.

You will be asked for a password if one is required, and if you have matching content scanned or in the Content History it will connect right away. Otherwise it will tell you to load the core and content manually and it will attempt to connect right away.

Video Tutorial

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