Downloading and Installing RetroArch for PlayStation 3

Downloading and Installing RetroArch for PlayStation 3

Sony Playstation 3

Note: you currently need the any-CFW(Rebug, Ferrox etc.) custom firmware to run RetroArch on your PlayStation 3.


This is probably the most straightforward way to install RetroArch.

  •     FAT32 formatted USB, It should be partitioned as MBR rather than GPT.
  •     any-CFW

Downloading and installing

There are multiple ways of downloading RetroArch for your Playstation 3.

Download the correct file

There are two types of CFW files. One of them is CEX and the other is DEX. CFW devices with CEX systems are more specific to the end user. On the other hand the DEX version is more for developers. You can use RetroArch in two ways and benefit from the same features. Always check which version of your CFW you have and download the correct file.

You can find a bundle with RetroArch, all the cores and all the assets for CEX and DEX by clicking here .


Installation is also very simple. Just extract the archive to the root of your USB. Put your USB to right USB port. Use the CFW package installer to select and install RetroArch's pkg file. You can watch the short video Demonstration by clicking on the image below.

Video Tutorial

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