Downloading, Installing and Updating RetroArch for iOS devices.

Downloading, Installing and Updating RetroArch for iOS devices.

Downloading and installing

There are multiple ways of downloading RetroArch for your iOS device. Depending on your iOS phone's version, you may want to install iOS 9 instead of iOS 11. Click here (iOS11+) to download now.


  •     iTunes We need iTunes to transfer content and for Cydia Impactor to work properly.
  •     Cydia Impactor You can use this tool to install IPA files on iOS and APK files on Android.

Installation for non-Jailbreak Devices

In order to install the RetroArch on your non-Jailbreak device, we need to use a third-party application. The name of this application is Cydia Impactor and is not associated with LibRetro or RetroArch. You need to provide the Cydia Impactor yourself, you can reach the desired result using your favorite search engine.

  1.     Run the Cydia Impactor.
  2.     Drag and drop the .ipa file onto Cydia Impactor.
  3.     Enter the email for your iTunes account.
  4.     Enter the password for your iTunes account.
  5.     Note: You will encounter an error and will ask you to create an application-specific password
  6.     Go to
  7.     Sign in with your Apple account information.
  8.     Scroll down to the App-specific password field and click Generate Password...
  9.     Enter a password label.
  10.     Note: You can name it RetroArch or type a label of your choice.
  11.     Copy your app-specific password and perform steps 2 and 3 again.
  12.     Enter your app-specific password this time instead of your Apple-ID password.
  13.     Note: Wait until you see Complete.

We will continue from here on your iOS device. You can see RetroArch on your screen, but don't run it for now.

  1.     Go to Settings then General.
  2.     Scroll down until you see Device Management, then open it.
  3.     You will see your iCloud e-mail address that you entered before, just click on it.
  4.     Click Trust "[email protected]"

Now you are free to run RetroArch.

Content transfer via iTunes

Unknown Sources To avoid compromising the safety of your device, always use applications provided through official channels.

  1. Go to or click here to go to downloads.
  2. Then click Download iTunes based on your OS.
  3.  Install and run iTunes.
  4.  Note: Connect your device to your computer via USB cable and complete the pre-installation if necessary.
  5.  Click the iphone icon at the top.
  6.  Click File Sharing from the left menu.
  7.  Now you'll see RetroArch with some of your apps here. Select RetroArch.
  8.  Drag and drop your content to RetroArch Documents field.

You can find your content under Load Content > /var/mobile/containers/dat.

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